Tea Accessories

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  1. Kratom: A Product of Use, Not a Product of Abuse (Book)


    The BEA has worked tirelessly to compile the latest research, data, and facts about Kratom in this special edition resource book. Educate your friends and family, your lawmakers, and yourself! This is a great addition to the libraries and coffee tables of Kratom advocates everywhere. The book consists of 264 pages of kratom testimonials, scientific facts, common kratom misconceptions, media articles and more!

    Find out which members of Congress need a Kratom book:

    House Representatives


    Buy one for yourself or for a member of Congress.

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  2. Tea Ball Infuser - 2"


    Our 2" tea ball infuser is perfect for brewing your favorite loose herbs and teas.  The tea ball features a latch to keep your herbs inside and a chain to attach to your cup.  This tea accessory is reusable and easy to clean. 

    Save money and waste by switching from individual tea bags to our reusable tea infuser today.

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  3. Tea Infuser Bottle With Nylon Sleeve - 22 oz


    This tea infuser bottle is perfect for on the go brewing of tea.  This bottle is BPA free and removable bottom and top for easy cleaning along with a build in tea basket for brewing your favorite herbs.  This bottle also comes with a green protective nylon sleeve.  

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  4. Muslin Herb Bag 4x6" - 5 Count

    • 100% cotton muslin drawstring bag (5 count).
    • Created for filling with herbal blends for infusions and baths.
    • Can be used for potpourri or for an impromptu sachet.
    • May be brewed with and then emptied, washed, dried and reused.
    • For brewing and infusion, be certain to underfill the herb bag in order to accommodate the expansion of dried herbs when soaked.
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  5. Press 'N Brew Tea Bags - Large


    Each box comes with 50 empty tea bags.

    These classic "press ‘n’ brew" empty tea bags are indispensable for all your custom tea blends.

    One tea bag holds approximately 1-4 ounces of herbs.

    Size of each tea bag: 5 inches x 3.75 inches

    Using a spoon or scoop, simply fill each tea bag with herbs. 
    Do not overfill. Making certain that no herbs are between the
    heat-sensitive seam, simply press with an appropriate heating device 
    (clothing irons on cotton setting are recommended. A curling iron will also work.)
    Press firmly to seal.

    These are not bleached with chemicals.

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  6. Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon - 4 Piece Set

    Measuring Spoon, 4 pieces, 1/4, 1/2, 1 Teaspoon, 1 Tablespoon, heavyweight dishwasher safe, stainless steel. Learn More
  7. Tea Strainer - Bamboo


    An excellent strainer for pouring from teapot to cup or for brewing tea the traditional way.

    Place tea in the strainer, place into the cup of hot water and leave to brew. All natural bamboo. Keep 2-3 on hand so that they can dry between uses. Dimensions are 3 " deep, and the rim measures 2 1/2" across.
    This strainer is made of all natural bamboo; this single-serving brew basket easily steeps larger leaf herbs and teas (like white and oolong, etc.)

    Simple to use: place your botanicals into the brew basket. Set the basket in your mug or cup. Add hot water and let the steeping begin!

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