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Kraken Kratom is home to a unique selection of liquid Kratom extract. Each of these liquid Kratom extract products features a 100% unique formula and alkaloid profile. From the ever popular Platinum Liquid Kratom extract to our new any improved UEI liquid extract, we've got a product that's sure to meet and exceed your expectations. If you're looking for the best place to buy Kratom liquids online, you've found it!

As a long term vendor of high quality Kratom products, we recognize our unique responsibility to provide excellent quality products EVERY SINGLE TIME. Because of that, we back up all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Try our liquid Kratom products today and see why Kraken is the brand that real Kratom connoisseurs trust.

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Exploring The Best Liquid Kratom Shots From Kraken Kratom

When it comes to Kratom, there is an array of options available, ranging from Kratom tea and powder to extracts, gummies, and more. Among these diverse choices, Kratom shots have gained popularity for their convenience and quick consumption. Kratom shots offer a concentrated form of Kratom, allowing users to enjoy it in a convenient and portable manner.

Before diving into the world of Kratom shots, it is worth mentioning the rich tapestry of Kratom strains. These strains derive their names from the regions where they were grown and harvested, as well as the color of their leaves during the harvesting process. The geographical specificity adds a layer of intrigue, as it provides valuable insights into the distinct characteristics that each strain may possess.

When it comes to the best Kratom shots on the market, Kraken Kratom is a name that stands out. Our catalog of Kratom shots offers a diverse range of options, each with it's own unique formulation and profile. Let's explore some of our most popular Kratom shots below: /p>

Zenith NANO250 Kratom Shot

This powerful Kratom shot packs a punch with it's super concentrated formulation. Featuring a whopping 250mg of Mitragynine per bottle, this is our most concentrated Kratom shot, and our most popular.

NANO150 Curuba Flavored Kratom Shot

With a hint of Curuba flavor, this liquid Kratom shot offers a delightful twist to the experience. With 150mg of Mitragynine suspended in a delicious Curuba flavored shot, our NANO150 products are a great choice customers looking for something to disguise the somewhat bitter taste of Kratom.

NANO150 Cappuccino Flavored Kratom Shot

For coffee enthusiasts, this Cappuccino flavored shot provides a convenient way to enjoy Kratom with a touch of rich and creamy goodness. Featuring 150mg of Mitragynine per bottle, our NANO150 Kratom shots are a great choice for customers looking to disguise the taste of Kratom.

Nanoberry Liquid Kratom Shot

Bursting with fruity flavors, the Nanoberry shot offers a refreshing and delightful Kratom experience. Our Nanoberry Liquid Kratom shot offers 50mg of Mitragynine suspended in a delicious berry flavor. This product is perfect for customers new to Kratom extracts or Kratom shots.

White Gold Liquid Kratom Shot

Our newest Kratom shot combines the essence of White Vein Kratom with a unique nano-emulsification process to create the ultimate Kratom shot. Featuring 175mg of Mitragynine per bottle with an included dropper to make measuring servings a breeze, our White Gold Kratom shot is the perfect choice for Kratom connoisseurs.

Kraken Platinum Liquid Kratom Shot

Crafted with precision, the Platinum Kratom shot captures the essence of Kratom in a concentrated form. Our Platinum Kratom Shot contains 52mg of mitragynine per 5ml serving for a total of 156mg of alkaloids per bottle!

Full Spectrum Kratom Shot (FST)

The Full Spectrum Kratom shot offers a comprehensive blend of Kratom alkaloids, showcasing the richness and complexity of this botanical treasure. This new and improved FST formula offers customers an abundance of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in every serving.

Kraken Gold Reserve Liquid Kratom Shot

With its carefully crafted formulation, the Gold Reserve Kratom shot delivers a potent and memorable Kratom experience. As one of our first liquid Kratom shots, Gold Reserve has earned a reputation with our customers thanks to its unique composition and alkaloid profile.

Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Liquid Kratom Shot

UEI is our more popular Kratom extract, across all of our different product categories. Offering 129mg of Mitragynine per bottle, UEI liquid Kratom shot features a special blend of Indo Kratom, renowned for its exceptional quality and abundance of alkaloids.

These Kratom shots from Kraken Kratom provide a convenient and efficient way to enjoy the potential benefits of Kratom. As with all Kratom products, it is essential to understand that individual experiences may vary, and it is recommended to start with small doses and monitor your body's response. To explore the full range of Kratom shots available, visit Kraken Kratom's website and discover a world of concentrated Kratom goodness.