5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Kratom On Amazon

In today’s world, for better or worse, it’s easy to find nearly any product that you want to buy on Amazon. There are a lot of benefits to having one place where you can obtain many things that you are looking for, but buying from Amazon is not always the best choice.

When it comes to buying kratom, it’s not a great idea to stock up from Amazon sellers. The kratom listed on Amazon might not always be what it seems, and there is not always a good way to be sure of what you are purchasing.

Today, we’ll cover a few reasons why you should not buy your kratom on Amazon (and where you can buy from instead).

1: Unclear Product Information and Misinformation

One of the biggest problems from buying from large, third-party selling platforms is that there is a huge chance of receiving incorrect or misleading product information. While this can be a problem from any seller, it is easier to vet vendors and research products when they are being sold more directly.

On sites like Amazon, product listings can be very easily changed, may not include a lot of specific information, and are often put out as standalone products rather than as products from a specific brand or vendor.

When buying from a specific brand or vendor, it is typically easier to take a look around their site to see what their processes are, what they prioritize, and what else they have available. Vendors on selling platforms also have a seller page, these pages are not as specifically created as they are on individual retailer sites, so they are not always going to be as informational.

2: May Receive The Wrong Product

Another problem that is often encountered when buying from selling platforms is that the products one receives may not be the correct final product. This is always possible when buying online, the problem is amplified in a very specific way when ordering from huge selling platforms.

Many Amazon sellers have their products stored and shipped from Amazon warehouses to save on storage and shipping overheads, and that can cause some problems when it comes to handling the products safely.

In the case of kratom, storing, handling, and shipping kratom properly is essential to ensure that it remains safe and unadulterated. It is possible for this to be maintained in any warehouse, but it is harder to confirm that specific safety measures are being taken whenever products are in a third-party warehouse.

Additionally, the customer service response that happens through a large selling platform versus a smaller, direct vendor is very different. It is worth knowing what type of customer service you would be dealing with if you end up with an out-of-date or mistaken product.

3: Buying Direct Is Always Better

In the world of kratom, there is a lot to be said for buying directly from a vendor in the industry rather than buying from a larger selling platform. Whether this means buying from a small business store nearby that stocks kratom products or from the vendors of those products directly online, there is a lot of value in buying from those that know the industry intimately.

First, you’ll be able to get more accurate and detailed information when buying directly. Vendors in the industry know just how important it is to have a lot of details about their products as well as information about the industry at large. These details are often included on product pages as well as on resource blogs, so you as a consumer can learn more about kratom.

The teams at these vendors are all dedicated to ensuring that their customers can easily get all of the information that they need. This means that their support teams are very knowledgeable, and they know who to go to for more information if necessary. The smaller size of the sellers also makes it easier to handle and research any problems more directly.

Finally, buying from kratom vendors that actively support the safety and growth of the kratom industry means that you are also shopping to support the industry at large. As positive kratom advocacy is still incredibly important, this is a very important factor.

4: Disreputable Vendors

While vendors have to go through a process to become approved sellers on Amazon, it is still pretty difficult to know exactly who you are buying from, what their goals are, and where their products come from.

Vendors can disclose some of this information if they choose to, but it is not a requirement. There are many vendors that provide only the bare minimum as the focus on these platforms is the product rather than the seller.

When buying a product like kratom, however, it is important to be able to vet the actual seller to ensure they are prioritizing the sale of safe products.

5: Potential Legality Issues

Finally, kratom products should not be listed on Amazon due to their current policies about supplements and similar products. That is why all listings on Amazon for products that might be kratom do not include the world kratom in their listings.

If you cannot be sure by the listing title and description that a product is truly kratom, you should not be comfortable purchasing it from that source.

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