Warm Up This Winter With A Cup Of Kratom Tea

Ask any true Kratom connoisseur what their preferred method of enjoyment is, and almost universally you’ll hear back, “Brewing tea.” For as long as humans have been enjoying hot beverages, we’ve been experimenting with different teas. From black tea to green tea and everything in between, if it grows on a leaf, humans have tried to brew it into tea. 

While the modern consumer has just been introduced to the Kratom plant, it has been used by the people of Southeast Asia for centuries. Kratom is enjoyed in a variety of forms (capsules, pills, tinctures, or powder), but in its homeland, Kratom is typically consumed by either chewing the leaves or by brewing them into a tea. In this blog post, we are going to explore the fantastic benefits that brewing Kratom tea can unlock. 

Consider a morning faced with hours of monotonous tasks and unpredictable situations. There is nothing more stressful! But, starting the day with a nicely brewed cup of Kratom Tea can change your perspective entirely. Steeping a cup of Kratom tea sets the mind at ease and can help put you into a space of tranquility. No matter how the tea is prepared, either boiled in a pot, teapot or brewed in the sun, each method creates a tasty cup in its own right.

Preparing Kratom Tea

There are several ways to prepare Kratom tea for optimal taste. Whether it’s enjoyed as a sweet blend of chocolate and vanilla or a citrus combination of lemon and honey, Kratom Tea can be brewed in a variety of ways, each offering its own unique qualities. As the most traditional way to consume Kratom, brewing tea offers a more relaxing and mindful experience. When brewed properly, Kratom leaves release their naturally high alkaloid content throughout the beverage. What’s more, not only does Kratom tea preserve the alkaloid content of your favorite strain, the brewing process can also be incredibly soothing.

Brew The Perfect Cup

Brewing Kratom tea is an easy-to-do process, but there are a couple of tricks you can use to make the most of your experience. The natural flavor of Kratom leaves is slightly bitter, and as with any other tea, the longer you leave them to steep, the more pronounced the flavor and effects will be. If you prefer a milder taste, try adding more water to your brew. This way, you can still reap the full benefits of your Kratom, but without such a strong taste.

If you’re ready to enjoy your Kratom tea the way they do in Southeast Asia, here’s how to start:

Hot, Not Boiling Water

Here’s another tip. The key to brewing Kratom tea is using hot rather than boiling water. Why, you ask? It’s all about the alkaloids – the compounds responsible for the way Kratom interacts with your body. At the temperature of boiling water, the alkaloids found in Kratom may start to degrade, robbing you of the full experience. Instead, pour water in your teapot or kettle to boil and, once it does, let it cool down for a minute before submerging your Kratom leaves or tea bag.

Add Lemon & Sweeteners

If you’re struggling with the flavor of Kratom, try adding an acid like lemon juice or a sweetener like honey. The acidic ingredients in lemon juice or apple cider vinegar can also buffer the breakdown of alkaloids found in Kratom leaves. In general, when it comes to sweeteners, honey is best, as it complements the lemon juice and the natural flavor of Kratom. However, if honey isn’t enough, you can also try a squirt of flavored syrup – raspberry, peach, and pineapple go amazingly well with Kratom!

The Kraken’s Favorite Recipe

  • 1.) Put your desired amount of Kratom leaves or powder in an empty tea bag or tea ball. (Optional) For the best results, take advantage of Kraken’s pre-packaged individual Kratom tea bags!
  • 2.) Heat water in your teapot or kettle and bring it to a boil. We recommend using 8oz of water per cup, but quantities might vary depending on your flavor preferences. Once the kettle whistles, take it off the heat and let the water cool down for at least 1 minute
  • 3.) Once cooled, add your Kratom tea bags or tea ball in a cup and pour hot water over.
  • 4.) Add lemon juice, honey, or syrup while it’s still warm. (Optional) If you prefer a cold brew or an iced beverage, make sure to store your Kratom tea in the fridge after you’ve added the lemon juice and honey.

Compared to alternative methods of consuming Kratom, such as capsules, and tinctures, brewing Kratom tea allows you to get the full experience. Sitting in a quiet space, a nicely brewed cup of Kratom tea can help replace feelings of tension and stress with feelings of peace. There’s no doubt, when thinking of Kratom and the best way to enjoy it, a slow sip of tea can ignite long-lasting wellness.

Starting your morning with a freshly brewed cup of Kratom tea can become a soothing ritual. Follow the tips above to brew the perfect cup of Kratom tea and take your time to experiment with flavors and strains. 

Kraken is committed to helping bring Kratom to the mainstream in a memorable and user friendly format. Our pre-packaged Kratom tea bags do just that. Featuring all of our most popular strains in several unique flavor combinations, our pre-packaged tea bags are sure to be a hit with newbies and Kratom connoisseurs alike.

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Do you have your own perfect recipe for Kratom tea? Let us know in the comments!

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