5 Ways To Help The Kratom Industry (Even If Staying At Home)

Are you an avid kratom lover? Are you worried about the future of kratom businesses that you love to support as the economy continues to pull itself through the ongoing pandemic? Many people are concerned about the future of small business and the economy in general in America at this time, and those concerns have reached some parts of the kratom industry as well.

What can be done to ensure that you can keep buying kratom even through these difficult times?

Today, we’ll be covering five ways that you can directly support the kratom industry and community with your business during these difficult times as well as in the future when we return to a new normal.

1: Call Your Local Stores

The first way that you can support your local community while also supporting the kratom industry is to call your local stores. Find out if they are open for business, how they are currently conducting business, and how you can order from them during this time.

In many areas, retail locations are now open with some protective guidelines, so you may be able to go to the store yourself to go shopping. In other areas, you may have to stick to ordering online for delivery or curbside pickup, but there are still going to be ways that you can buy from your shop.

Local retail shops that carry products from a variety of kratom brands are going to need the most support during this time. Take a few minutes to call all the stores in your area to find out how you can order, and do what you can to ensure that these businesses are supported during this difficult time.

2: Continue Advocacy Efforts

Another way that you can help the kratom industry during this time is to continue your involvement with kratom advocacy or get involved for the first time if you have never joined in before.

Kratom advocacy is very important to the overall community. There is, unfortunately, a lot of misinformation out there about kratom, what it does, and why people are using it. This misinformation has caused some states and localities to put unfair restrictions into place surrounding kratom usage, and advocacy groups are working hard to reverse these policies.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, however, many legislatures and politicians are not doing any meetings with advocacy groups unless they are immediately related to the ongoing pandemic. While this is understandable, it means that advocacy groups are working twice as hard to get anything accomplished. As court systems and governing bodies reopen, their hard work will continue.

Supporting advocacy groups during this time is very important. Here are some things that you can do to assist them and preserve the future of kratom in America:

  • Join or support the American Kratom Association council
  • Join local advocacy groups
  • Ask your local stores if there is anything that you can do to help
  • Share your opinions about kratom with local and state legislatures
  • Write letters and call in about any potential kratom-related policies

There are many ways that you can help to ensure that kratom continues to be safe and legal to use in America. Now more than ever is a great time to do just that.

3: Shop From Reputable Vendors Online

You can always support the kratom industry by making sure that you are buying from kratom vendors that prioritize selling safe kratom over their profit margins.

One of the biggest problems in the kratom industry is adulterated or contaminated products making it to market, and those rare situations have caused many areas to turn against kratom. When disreputable vendors sell contaminated products or products that are not as well tested as they should be, this causes hurt to the community at large.

Plus, you always want to make sure that you are buying product that you can feel safe and confident using. If you aren’t sure of the supply chain, the testing, or the safety of the overall brand, that kratom is not a good idea to use.

The easiest way to check out whether or not a company is a good choice to buy from is to find out if they are part of the American Kratom Association’s GMP Compliance program. This program prioritizes testing and safety, so any vendor that joins is worth your consideration.

4: Try New Products 

Do you already have a reputable vendor that you like to buy from, but you want to buy something extra during this time to show your support?

Now is a great time to try some new products! By adding a few extra products on to your order, you can expand what you are usually spending. You’ll get to try something new at the same time.

If you’re a Kraken Kratom customer that wants to do this, feel free to reach out to find out what products are similar to your usuals! We can share what our customers tend to enjoy together so that you can figure out what to add to your next order.

5: Follow Local Ordinances

No matter how you decide to support the kratom industry during this time, make sure that you are following all local and state ordinances when going to a public location to shop, advocate, or otherwise support the industry. The rules are in place for general protection, and the shops that you visit will not be able to stay open if the rules are not followed.

Eventually, the restrictions will be lessened so that we can return to a new normal.

Keep Kratom Alive

Like many industries, the kratom industry is facing some delays and difficulties during this time, but many companies are lucky to already have strong online businesses in place to be able to keep things moving at this time. Still, advocacy efforts and your local kratom store may need some extra support.

If you have the ability to do so, consider helping them out during these trying times!

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