Ask Kraken: What is Nano Kratom?

Compared to many botanical industries, the Kratom industry in the US is still gaining its foothold. Many vendors (including us), are enthusiastically expanding their offerings to expand the possibilities and meet the needs of their customer base.

One product that we’ve been getting an increasing number of questions about is Nano Kratom. As an emerging type of product, many Kratom fans are unfamiliar with this unique type of product. Because of the huge number of different products being released, it can be easy to confuse Nano Kratom with other products.

That’s why today we are spending some time explaining nano Kratom, what it is, why it is interesting, and what people can expect from it. Get to know more about this unique product with us!

What is Nano Kratom?

Nano Kratom powder is a specific type of powder featuring a very fine grain size. All Kratom powder is made from ground-up Kratom leaves that are filtered and processed into a powder. Nano Kratom powder, however, is filtered even more finely so that the average size is smaller than a standard Kratom powder blend.

On average, the size of Nano Kratom powder is between 1 and 10 microns. This is incredibly small, and you wouldn’t be able to see any leaf parts when looking at this type of powder.

How is Nano Kratom Made?

Whereas most Kratom powder is ground using disc mills or similar technology, Nano Kratom is made with a different mill type. These nano mills are able to finely filter and grind raw Kratom leaves to make things even smaller, measuring in microns when the final product is created.

The exact process could vary depending on the company making the product. Some processors import leaves and do the grinding on-site, while others have their mills set up onsite where the product is harvested. In either case, the Nano Kratom powder created with these specialized grinders is much finer and smaller in particle size than standard Kratom powder.

What are Nano Kratom’s Benefits?

You might be wondering: why go through the extra effort of grinding Kratom more finely when standard powders have been satisfying Kratom lovers? Ultimately, those who prefer Nano Kratom or have found it to be an exciting option have a few particular benefits in mind when they decide to get it instead of standard powder.

Easier to Mix

One of the benefits of nano kratom powder is that it is easier to mix into some substances.

Kratom users that enjoy mixing powder into juice, water, or other beverages may find that Nano Kratom mixes into the beverage better. Powders with smaller particle sizes blend more smoothly with liquids when combined, and many prefer the taste and texture of this type of mix.

Ultimately, it depends on how you like consuming Kratom. For some people, this makes a huge difference in how enjoyable and easy it is to use Kratom. For others, the particle size is of no big consequence.

Absorbs Quickly

More research needs to be done to ensure the exact difference in absorption rates between different Kratom powder sizes. However, some nano producers claim that Nano Kratom can be processed and absorbed into your body’s systems more rapidly, leading to less time for onset.

This makes sense as most things need to be broken down by your body so that the particles can begin to process and bind with receptors in the body. Nano Kratom servings and effect times will likely be different from other types of Kratom powder for this reason.

As with any Kratom product, testing your own tolerance and preferences will be very important. Individuals that choose to use Nano Kratom powder should start small and gradually increase as they make the switch.

Mill Quality and Filtration

Some have suggested that using nano mills over standard disc mills may reduce the risk of contamination in Kratom powder. For example, disc mills that are not properly maintained carry a higher risk of contamination of Kratom with heavy metals or allowing impurities through the filtering and milling process.

Comparatively, nano mills are often newer and higher-tech. This means that the filtration and grinding done by the mills is a lower risk process. This is both due to how they work and because most nano mills are much newer than some disc mills used on Kratom farms. 

Ultimately, it’s not possible to say if one type of mill is safer than the other because every individual milling process varies. The mill itself is not the only factor when it comes to contamination risk; the upkeep and management of the mill matter, too. However, when properly maintained, nano mills may be proven to be the safest option.

Should I Switch to Nano Kratom?

Kratom lovers might be wondering: should I switch to Nano?

Consider that Nano Kratom is just another subcategory of Kratom powder. Just as extract powder is different from Kratom powder, nano Kratom is just another option. There is no reason to choose one over another or to decide that one is superior.

Ultimately, it is your choice to decide if you want to take a closer look at Nano Kratom. Some use it as a way to mix up their routine; others enjoy it more than standard Kratom. Only you can make that final call.

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