Bulk Up Your Kratom Stash with Kraken’s New Offerings!

In response to feedback from our amazing customers, we’ve taken the initiative to enhance our product lineup. The diverse needs of Kratom enthusiasts have always been at the forefront of our operations. With this expansion, we aim to offer more flexibility, catering to both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Whether you’re looking to stock up for the long haul or simply explore more of what Kratom has to offer, our bulk options present the perfect opportunity.

Here’s a quick guide to our bulk offerings:

  1. Kratom Powder – Ideal for traditionalists, offering pure, unadulterated Kratom.
  2. Kratom Capsules – Precision-packed for consistent dosage.
  3. Kratom Extract – Enhanced potency in a chewable form.
  4. Kratom Softgels – Convenient and potent, encapsulating Kraken’s quality promise.
  5. Kratom Gummies – A delightful mix of flavor and quality, perfect for those on-the-move.

Learn more about these new bulk Kratom options below:

Bulk Kratom Powder

Introducing our Bulk Kratom Powder – meticulously sourced and now available in kilo size packages for some of your favorite strains. Our selection includes OG Bali, Red Vein Maeng da, White Vein Borneo, and Red Vein Borneo. We believe in providing choices that make sense for your budget, ensuring you never have to compromise on your Kratom needs. Our Kratom kilos are diligently packaged and sealed, promising optimal freshness every time.

Bulk Kratom Capsules

Meet our Bulk Kratom Capsules, a Kraken original with roots tracing back to the most knowledgeable suppliers in Indonesia over 15 years ago. Every 00-sized veggie capsule contains about 750 mg of Bali Kratom powder. Originating from various parts of Southeast Asia, the heritage of these strains remains intact even as cultivation primarily shifts to Indonesia. Consistently testing at >1.5% mitragynine, it’s no wonder this remains a top favorite.

Bulk Kratom Extract Tablets

For those who’ve yearned for Kratom in a chewable form, the wait is over! Kraken’s Bulk Kratom Extract Tablets now comes in tablet form. Our prized gold extracts have been a favorite, and these Kraken Tablets only elevate that admiration. Boasting highly refined mitragynine extract levels, they represent the pinnacle of precision and quality. As the Kratom world diversifies, our extracts stand out, blending tradition with innovation.

Bulk Kratom Softgels

Experience the potency with our Bulk Kratom Softgels. Suspended in a gelatin shell, each softgel is a powerhouse containing 50mg of 80% Mitragyna speciosa extract. Kraken’s commitment to delivering top-tier extracts is evident in these softgels. Through specialized processes, we ensure a product that respects both the heritage of the Kratom plant and the expectations of our customers.

Bulk Kratom Gummies

For those seeking a delightful twist, we present our Bulk Kratom Gummies. Now enhanced to 30mgs per gummy, they’re a treat for both your taste buds and Kratom needs. Whether you lean towards raspberry, lime, or orange flavors, these gummies offer a refreshing alternative to traditional Kratom forms. Enjoy the blend of quality and taste in every chew!

The addition of these bulk options reflects Kraken Kratom’s commitment to delivering both quality and value. By understanding our community’s needs, we aim to elevate your Kratom journey at every step.

Final Thoughts

In a market that’s as diverse and dynamic as Kratom, it’s paramount to trust a brand that consistently prioritizes quality, transparency, and innovation. With the addition of these bulk offerings, Kraken Kratom reaffirms its dedication to these values. Whether you’re a seasoned Kratom enthusiast or just beginning your journey, our bulk options ensure that premium quality is always within your reach. Choose Kraken Kratom – where quality meets quantity.