Kratom FAQs: Why Vaping Kratom Could Be Dangerous

Vaping has grown in popularity in recent years, with companies selling an ever growing list of natural products in vape cartridges. Unlike smoking which produces smoke, vape juices may be less harmful to the body as they contain less additives and other carcinogens. Some people are even vaping Kratom. But should you?

The answer is, dun’ dun’ dun’, NO!

In this article, we will learn more about vaping, how it works, and why vaping Kratom isn’t a good idea.

Vaping: Start to Finish

Before we explain why Kratom shouldn’t be vaped, it will help your understanding to know how vaping actually works.

Vaping: Vaporizing Liquids

So, what is vaping?

Vaping, the shortened form of vaporizing, is when materials are heated up at very high temperatures without actually burning the substances. This causes the substances to vaporize rather than combust and creates a different experience from smoking.

In some cases, vaping instead of smoking causes fewer harmful chemicals to be released, but there are inherent dangers in both forms of inhalation.

How Vaping Works

The exact method of how vaping works is going to depend on the type of vape that you have as well as the substance that is being vaped. Some substances are suspended in oils, some are in juices, and some are vaped as plant matter.

Regardless, vaping works by heating up these substances slowly without causing them to combust. Instead, the substance vaporizes, and then the vapors are inhaled through the mouthpiece of the vape. 

Once inhaled, the active molecules are absorbed into the bloodstream in a similar way to how molecules enter the body through smoking. However, there are fewer by-products produced through vaping when compared to smoking.

Is Vaping Plant Matter Possible?

It’s possible that you’ve heard of people vaping weed, tobacco, or hash directly. While it’s possible to vape the active ingredients (such as nicotine and CBD) through vape juice, some vapes are made to directly vaporize plant material as well.

Specialty vapes for plant matter must be run at specific temperatures, and these vapes are usually much more expensive. More often, people use vapes that require juices or liquids and the specific substances that they want to experience.

Not all natural plants that are used for their medicinal or recreational effects can be vaped. While you could theoretically try to vape anything, not all molecules can be safely inhaled or enter the bloodstream through that pathway. Some won’t have the same effects when vaped as opposed to when they are ingested, smoked, or consumed in another way.

Vaping Kratom: Why It’s Not Advised

In the case of Kratom, it’s not advised to vape it, for a number of reasons. While it might be possible to vape a Kratom-based product in the future, currently there are no established, reliable, or trustworthy companies who manufacture it. Until there is, the only Kratom-based vape products available are from places with a shoddy reputation, AT BEST.

#1: Where Kratom’s Effects Come From

The first reason why vaping Kratom is not advised is because of where its effects likely come from. Studies on the plant show that most of the desired effects of Kratom are likely caused by the molecules called alkaloids.

When heated to high temperatures, alkaloids are deactivated because of their structure. This means that they would no longer react the same way in the body. Vaping Kratom could lead to completely different or non-existent results, especially if the Kratom hasn’t been specifically formulated for that modality.

#2: Bloodstream vs. Digestive System

Current studies on Kratom have been done based on how Kratom works after being processed by the digestive system. Usually, this means tracking which type of receptors Kratom alkaloids bind with after being digested. There have been some studies on this, and the results look promising for the future of Kratom as a natural botanical product.

If Kratom were to be vaped directly or through a suspension liquid, any active molecules remaining in the material would go directly from the lungs into the bloodstream. At this time, we do not know how this would affect the body. 

Studies done about Kratom are already incredibly limited, and there are little or no studies that show what this could do. Until there is more information out there, we advise our customers to stay far away!

#3: No Safe Vendors

At this time, there are no reliable GMP compliant vendors that sell Kratom designed for vaping. Reliable vendors that follow the best practices in the industry have not yet added these types of their products because they have not confirmed the safety of them.

Vaping Kratom might sound like an interesting experiment, but it could lead to a lot of trouble if things go wrong. Vaping anything that you do not completely trust could put you in serious danger, and this should always be avoided.

Consume Kratom Safely

It’s great to be interested in new ideas. After all, using Kratom was once a novel idea in the US! Still, that doesn’t mean that you should pursue using something in potentially dangerous ways. There are many effective and traditional ways to try Kratom that have a well known track record, so it is best to stick to those.

Buy Kratom from vendors that sell consistent, rigorously tested products to ensure you have the best experience possible.

At Kraken Kratom, we take pride in our commitment to excellent and our GMP compliance. As a leader in the industry, we recognize our unique responsibility to protect this plant and the people who enjoy it. You won’t find any Kratom vape products from us as we don’t think it shows the true value behind this amazing plant.

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