6 Reasons Why Bitcoin and Kratom are the Perfect Couple

The time is neither far nor nigh, ‘tis now! We’re in the Information Age and the internet is still taking over. That means that every day, things in our daily life become digital and, usually, easier for us. Money is no exception, so I’m going to give you a crash course on Bitcoin and why it complements kratom so well.

What is Bitcoin?

This web-based currency was developed as a decentralized “cryptocurrency,” a means to purchase goods and services online through digital units of exchange. There are many other forms of intangible money, but Bitcoin grabbed attention as the leading lady in 2009 and hasn’t quit.

People can acquire and accumulate it through a method called “mining,” which is performed by a computer that solves algorithms through a complex process. If you and I are alike and immediately recoil at the word “algorithm” then I have good news for you!

Purchasing cryptocurrency from a third party with standard, government recognized money is possible, and far friendlier to the Average Joe. A nice thing to mention is that you can purchase fractions of Bitcoins, so don’t fret if you can’t immediately afford to drop thousands. Make sure to keep up with conversions to get the most bit-bang for your buck.

Reason 1 – No Taxing

When you use paper bills or shiny coins, you know that every single one was processed by a bank. The bank is the third party between you, the consumer, and your salesperson, the merchant. Because the government controls bank regulation, they can choose how much of the money we spend goes back into their system for redistribution, which is known as taxing.

Because Bitcoin is not government regulated, there is no third party, meaning no one can tell you how much to give back. In fact, you don’t have to give anything back. It is 100% tax-free.

Reason 2 – It’s Easy to Use

Whether you’re the intellectual type that dives headfirst into problem solving, or someone who enjoys the simpler things in life, Bitcoin really isn’t hard to use. All you need is an internet connection, and you’re good to go. I definitely suggest mining for those computer whizzes who aren’t familiar with it but want to learn something new. Remember, patience is a virtue!

Create a Bitcoin wallet using a reputable site (such as Coinbase, Electrum, or Trezor), set up your payment source and purchase the coins. Yup, that’s it!

Reason 3 – Everything’s Mobile

You never have to worry about making it to the bank on time to deposit or withdraw while they’re still open. All your resources are online, and luckily there are a lot available. Pay from your computer or your phone; your only limitation is internet access.

The next nicety in this reason is that you can use it anywhere in the world. There’s no need to exchange currency between countries because Bitcoin is the same everywhere!

Reason 4 – Anonymity

Not everyone wants to share their name, address, or business details with the world. When transactions use bitcoins, none of that sensitive information can be linked with your account if you so choose.

Now, all of this applies only to online orders. There are a few retailers with storefronts that will take bitcoin, but they are few and far between. This map will let you know who will accept your bitcoin payments in the physical realm. Just a heads up – this reference is largely user-contributed, so I would ask the store associates, before purchase, if they still accept digital money.

Reason 5 – Quick Processing

With hardly any wait, online orders have never been easier. At Kraken Kratom, Bitcoin orders are processed in around 15 minutes. That means no waiting for credit payments or days for a check to clear.

Reason 6 – Discounts

There are a lot of businesses out there that will offer you a discount if you buy with Bitcoin. Due to its lack of attachment to third parties, it’s easier for both the customer and the merchant to process their own sales and purchases and for you to build stronger relationships with online vendors. We offer 10% off every order purchased with Bitcoin on KrakenKratom.com, in addition to our other deals and promos. This includes accessories and plant matter alike!

So Why are Bitcoin and Kratom the Perfect Couple?

Buying kratom with Bitcoin not only promotes a more egalitarian commerce, but it protects your privacy as well. Since kratom is teetering in a regulatory gray area and perceived as such a controversial subject by the FDA, not everyone is comfortable being out-and-proud. And that’s ok! We are here to fight the good fight, but it may not be everyone’s battle, you know? The least we ask for is your participation in ushering the movement forward, which is easy and worthwhile.


We encourage the use of Bitcoin because we believe in respecting our customers’ needs and boundaries, and without third parties, that’s a much more pleasant task. If you need to be discreet, we got you. If you’re more into maintaining consistent and open communication with us, we’re right there with you too.

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