7 Surprising Advantages To Trying Kratom Capsules

When you first try kratom, you probably saw article after article explaining the best ways to make your own kratom tea, how to flavor it, and what else you can use the powders or leaves for. We’ve written a fair number of these articles ourselves, and there’s no doubt that kratom tea is one of the most common consumption methods.

A lot of consumers, however, overlook the benefits of using kratom capsules instead of going through the effort to make a tea that you have to work very hard to make taste good! We’re not saying that you shouldn’t use kratom tea, but we do think that you should try to experiment with capsules as well.

To help you broaden your horizons, we’ve compiled a list of seven reasons that we think you should try kratom capsules!

#1 You Don’t Taste Them

The first and most common reason that people often turn to kratom capsules is to escape the taste of kratom tea. If you’ve tried kratom tea before, you know that the earthiness takes some getting used to. While you can grow accustomed to it over time, some people really struggle to get kratom tea down. 

The flavor simply isn’t for everyone!

If you find that you struggle with the taste of kratom tea and want to try something else, look into kratom capsules instead. Using capsules allows you to bypass the taste of kratom completely.

You will need to be able to swallow a pill to use capsules, however, so keep that in mind if you are not very comfortable taking large pills as some kratom capsules can be quite large.

#2 They’re Convenient

Another great reason to at least give kratom capsules a try is because they are so convenient to use. They can easily be put in your bag so you can take them on the go, and you can do so discreetly. While we don’t think that you should need to hide your kratom usage, we understand that it can be more comfortable to be discreet.

It’s very convenient to do just that when using kratom capsules instead of a kratom tea or powder that stands out. The pills are also much less messy, and they’re a lot less work to get ready when its time to take your daily serving.

Whether you decide to make your own kratom capsules or you decide to buy a premade capsule, both methods may feel more convenient to you than the standard kratom tea brewing routine. Brewing the tea just isn’t for everyone!

#3 Save Your Money

In a lot of cases, using kratom capsules can actually save you money. This is especially true when you buy empty capsules and make the kratom caps yourself. This isn’t very hard to do, and it’s one of the easiest ways to make sure that your kratom usage stays on budget.

The exact amount of money that you will spend and save when using Kratom capsules instead of tea or another consumption method will depend on the supplies and varieties that you decide to use, but keep this in mind if you’re looking for ways to improve your budgeting.

#4 Customize Your Serving

Another thing that we love about making and using your own kratom capsules is that you can easily customize your serving size. You can even change up the amount of kratom you take throughout the day by prepping capsules of various weights in advance. Then, just take the serving size that you want to use!

Measuring servings is very easy when you’re making your own pills. While you can do the same thing when you use tea, it can be harder to prep a specific amount or type of kratom in advance. Since setting up a capsule is quick and easy, it’s no trouble to change it up on the fly.

#5 Customize Your Blends

Another cool thing that you can experience when you make your own kratom capsules is that you can make your own kratom blends each day. Do you want to do a 50/50 red split one day and a green one the next? No problem! Just swap what you put into the capsules, and you’re good to go.

Similar to changing up the serving size, it’s so simple to just change what you put inside of the capsule every day. If you make kratom tea in batches each week, you’ll have to wait until the following week to be able to change things unless you want to do double the work.

#6 More Enjoyable Experience

Some people report having a better experience when they take kratom orally with a capsule than when they use kratom tea or another consumption method. This isn’t going to be an everybody type of phenomenon, but there are definitely some people that will do better with capsules than they did with tea.

If you can’t find the right serving or strain of kratom to sit right with you like a tea, it might be worth trying to change up the method of consumption to see if that works any better for you. Capsules are a simple alternative to tea that you might find you really enjoy.

#7 It’s Fun!

Finally, we think using kratom capsules is pretty fun! There’s just something awesome about feeling like your very own kratom scientist when you are putting together the servings and strains that you want in your personal capsules.

If you’re the type of person that believes in the power of being personally involved in the production of what you put in your body, making your own capsules can be a great experience. You have complete control over what you are going to use, and that is empowering.

It’s Up To You!

We hope that you’ve seen a little bit more about why we think that using kratom capsules is an avenue that more people should explore. There are many different ways to consume kratom, and there are even a lot of different strains and consumption methods that you can use.

We always recommend to people that they experiment and see what works for them. It’s completely up to you; we’re just here to share our point of view!

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