Kratom Serving Tips For New & Experienced Users: Our Advice

When you visit Kratom websites, forums, and other communities, one of the most commonly asked questions that you will see goes something like this: how much Kratom should I take? What’s the right Kratom serving for me? How do you decide on the amount you use to brew tea?

Everyone from beginners to longtime consumers commonly discusses serving size and what it means for your Kratom experience. Due to alkaloids affecting everybody differently as well, there isn’t a singular answer to what amount is right for everyone. But there are guidelines that work for most situations when buying kratom online.

Still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some guidelines that you can follow when you’re making Kratom tea. After all, everyone needs some type of starting point to be able to try it out!

Today, we’ll run through some information about serving size, what we recommend trying at first, and how you can adjust the amount over time to suit your experience. Let’s get started!

For New Kratom Users: Beginning Servings

First, we’ll address what new Kratom users should consider when figuring out how much of this botanical to try at first.

Start by selecting a quality Kratom product. While you can rely on choosing something that the internet tells you is great, we highly recommend that you research Kratom vendors before you buy from them to ensure that you get a high-quality leaf or powder. Once you find out if they’re reputable, you can select the products that you want to try.

Once you receive your Kratom, you need to decide how you want to go about preparing and consuming it. The most popular methods of consumption are in the form of Kratom tea and Kratom capsules.

Beginning Serving Size Tips

When you first use Kratom, we recommend the following amounts:

  • • Start with just 1 gram of a strain you would like to try.
  • • Try out 1 gram for a week and see how you like it.
  • • Up your serving to 1.5 grams, and try this for a week.
  • • Finally, up your serving to 2 grams.

By gradually increasing the amount of Kratom that you consume, you’ll be noticing a few different things. First, you’ll be seeing what kinds of effects these specific amounts of Kratom have on your body. Second, you’ll be seeing how much of a difference a 0.5 gram increase can make.

Once you know both of these things, you’ll be better equipped to continue increasing your Kratom serving size until you find the perfect amount for your needs. Many people end up taking between 5 and 8 grams per day once they finish their individual testing!

In the end, the amount of Kratom that you use is completely up to you. Not everyone is going to enjoy the same amounts, and you shouldn’t expect to! Instead, use time and your experiences to fine-tune how much Kratom powder you enjoy. That’s part of the magic of Kratom, after all!

Common Beginner Side Effect: Nausea

When you are first trying out Kratom or it’s your first time using a slightly higher amount than usual, it’s very common to experience some nausea. This is the case with many botanicals and especially true for those who have more sensitive stomachs.

Here are some ways that Kratom users avoid this side effect:

For All Kratom Users: Tolerance Rotation

Experienced Kratom users probably already have an idea of what serving size they like to use, but they might notice that their usual amount doesn’t always seem to work the same when they use it.

And why is that?

The simple answer is this: tolerance. That’s right; you can build up a tolerance to Kratom! Some newbies are surprised by this, but Kratom affects parts of your body that have a type of tolerance system.

Thankfully, there are ways that you can strategically choose your Kratom powder strains and servings to limit how much building up a tolerance affects your experience.

Here’s what we recommend doing to help avoid developing a very high tolerance: Rotate strains of Kratom every three to five days. That’s it!

By changing up which strain you take relatively frequently, your body won’t respond with as much of a tolerance. Rotating between different colors of Kratom is most effective, but rotating between different strains of the same color can have some success as well.

Over time, you’ll learn how to mix-and-match Kratom in your rotation to ensure that you’re enjoying every strain that you take while also preventing you from increasing your serving size every day.

Your Physiology Affects It All

While all of our tips today are based on our own experiences and research, we feel that it’s important to point out that not everyone will have the same experience with Kratom as we have had.

All of our bodies are unique. We each have different physiologies, and the specific characteristics of our bodies help to determine how Kratom affects us.

It’s important that you pay attention to the specific reactions that your body has while you are using Kratom. If a recommended serving turns out to be too much for you, that’s okay! Reduce the amount and try again. Your body will tell you when you’ve found the sweet spot.

Kratom Serving Size: Be Smart, But Be Creative!

As you can see, there is not an exact science to Kratom serving size. Everyone has different preferences about how they like to feel after taking Kratom, and everyone’s body has its own opinion about how much Kratom will work for you.

Don’t become impatient while you are trying to figure out your ideal Kratom amount. Be smart about how you try out different amounts by trying a specific serving size for a few days at a time. You want to be able to differentiate the effects, so you need to be organized.

But you can still be creative! Find ways to alternate your servings depending on how your body is feeling on a particular day. With experimentation, you’ll find your perfect amount for any situation.

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