A Brief Bali Travel Guide by Kraken Kratom

Many kratom users have only thought about Bali as part of a kratom product name. Lots of favorite kratom products are called “Bali” something, but why is that? They don’t even consider what it might be like to travel to Bali themselves and experience the wonder of this world!

Most kratom today is not harvested in Bali as exportation isn’t allowed or common, but the name Bali still shows up in many names because of the feeling that the supplement can bring. To learn more about the namesake of some of your favorite products, it might be fun to plan a trip to Bali!

Today, we’ll share with you some basic travel information about going to Bali, what it is like, what you can do there, and why you might want to go.

A Brief Intro To Bali

Bali is part of the Indonesian island. Indonesia has over 17,500 islands as part of its archipelago. Among those islands, Bali is one of the most well-known islands because of its beauty.

Bali is a huge tourist destination, but there is more to the island than just tourism. There are stunning corals, mountain ranges, temples, palaces, beaches, and more! In fact, there’s such a wide variety of things to do in a small area. For visitors and locals, this makes Bali an incredible place to be.

When To Visit Bali

If you’re thinking about visiting Bali, the first thing that you need to do is to determine when you want to plan your trip.

There is a rainy season in Bali, and it typically lasts from October until March. During this time, there are downpours frequently and even monsoons. For that reason, it’s not usually recommended to visit during that time. 

Dry season, on the other hand, is a great time to visit and lasts from April until September.

The busiest time on Bali is during Easter week and also during Chinese New Year. This means that rates are typically more expensive during those weeks. If you want to find a deal, visiting between September and December is recommended.

The Weather On Bali

Outside of the wet and dry season periods, which we have already discussed, the average year-round temperature on Bali doesn’t change much because of how close the island is to the equator. The average temperature is around 86°F.

How To Get Around

When you’re on Bali, you might be wondering how you’re going to get around! While there isn’t much public transportation on the island, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to get around. You can take a taxi or even rent a motorbike. Motorbikes are used extensively on the island, and you can join in, too.

Plan For Crowds

As mentioned, Bali has continued to be a popular tourist destination. Crowds are not just a possibility but a reality at certain times and at specific destinations in Bali, so you should prepare for that. It’s great to visit some of these popular areas in the south in particular, but mixing up your trip to more secluded areas is a great idea, too.

In particular, it can be great to visit the central mountains as well as the west coast.

Keep Your Eye On The Food

At one time, it was very difficult to avoid getting what was commonly known as “Bali Belly.” Essentially, many tourists would have stomach and digestive problems from eating on the island. Lots of foods like fruit, salad, ice, and more were common causes.

Today, however, things have changed. Since tourism has continued to grow, the tourism and hospitability industry has changed, too. This means that hygiene standards around the island have improved.

There is always a risk of food poisoning or other food issues when eating out, whether in Bali or not. Choose where you decide to eat wisely, and always be mindful when choosing to eat street food as it is easier for this food to be accidentally contaminated.

Prepare For Dressy Nights And Religious Days

While many people think that Bali is only about beaches and relaxation, you are also likely to head out to some nightlife such as dinner or the nightclubs. It’s important to know that you might need to have a specific type of clothes! There are a number of establishments that enforce a dress code, so check for this before you pack.

Other things to be prepared for are religious customs. There is a large Hindu population on Bali, and local religious customs cause some road closures and even airport closures at times. Even your taxi driver might want to stop to do a blessing at times! Just roll with the flow of things when this happens; it’s important to respect customs.

When visiting temples or other religious locations, you are likely to be expected to show modesty by covering up your shoulders and knees. Keep this in mind when packing for your trip.

Decide On Your Budget

Bali is one of those unique locations where you can spend a lot of money or get by on a very tight budget! Depending on what type of accommodations you choose and where you spend your time, the price tag is going to differ.

Budget travelers should seek out cheap food and lodging discounts at guesthouses. If you have a larger budget, staying in high-end hotels and getting spa treatments is going to dig a bit deeper into your wallet.

Ultimately, you can create a trip that matches nearly any budget when visiting Bali.

Learn A Few Phrases

Though using English on Bali will get you everywhere that you need to go, it’s always great to show respect to the locals by taking the time to learn a few basic phrases. Bahasa is the language commonly used by locals in Bali; try using these phrases:

  • • selamat pagi (good morning)
  • • tolong (please)
  • • terima kasih (thank you)

Though these phrases are pretty basic, they’ll score you some sweet points with everyone you meet!

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