Kratom and The Local Economy: From Southeast Asia to the US

Most industries work in more than one part of the world. From where products are sourced to where they are processed and sold, many people, workers, and businesses are included along the way.

The kratom industry and its production flow are no different.

At many points during the production of every single kratom product, economies are affected and changed. How is it that your purchase of a product has an effect on more businesses and areas than you may realize?

Today, we’ll discuss the way that kratom has an effect on small businesses around the world as well as right next door.

Kratom: A Global Production

Kratom is sourced from areas of Southeast Asia, where companies work to grow, harvest, and process the plant. From there, it is transported across the world to manufacturers here who test, blend, package, and sell kratom to customers and local shops.

From start to finish, there are many companies involved that work to ensure you can get your hands on a high-quality supply of kratom. Who are these people?

Our supply chain involves many actors:

  • We buy directly from kratom farmers
  • As well as from international distributors, who buy from kratom farmers
  • We process, package, and ship the kratom with our team
  • We sell directly to customers
  • We also sell to brick-and-mortar shops across America

At each step, there are many people involved in the business of kratom. The industry is a lot bigger than some people might realize! Even though kratom isn’t known as widely as some other herbal substances, the industry is an international supply-and-demand phenomenon that brings in a lot of revenue.

Kratom & The US Economy

It has been estimated that the kratom industry generates more than $1 billion in revenue for the American economy. Where does this cash flow have the most significant positive effects, and how will we see that grow in the future?

National Companies Create Jobs

Businesses like ours work on a national scale. We manufacture and ship kratom products around the country even though our facility is focused here in Portland, Oregon. Our team is made up of local individuals that work hard to support our family-owned herbal products business, and we do our best to be a great company for them with great benefits and fun perks.

Local Small Businesses

Beyond our own business, we also distribute and sell our products to local retailers. Brick-and-mortar shops around the country have begun carrying kratom in response to its growth in popularity. By purchasing kratom at your local smoke shop, you’re supporting a local small business as well as all of the other businesses in the supply chain.

What You Can Do

If you want to make an effort to help the kratom industry continue to grow in the US, there are a few things that you can do. These actions will not only support the people working in the industry, but they will also help ensure that kratom is here to stay.

  • Support local laws in favor of kratom protections.
    Some states have made moves to ban kratom, which causes job loss in the kratom industry while restricting sales for those who rely on kratom. By speaking out against such restrictions, you can help keep the kratom industry alive.
  • Buy kratom from reliable, law-abiding vendors.
    Vendors that bypass good manufacturing practices may put contaminated products into the market. Those products can put customers at risk, and such incidences put the entire industry at risk. Support vendors that care about safety and proper regulation.
  • Support your local kratom sellers.
    If you have a local shop that you like that sells kratom, buy from them when you can! Supporting their store will help to keep them around.
  • Join local kratom advocacy efforts.
    Kratom advocacy can do a lot to ensure the future of kratom. Find out how kratom lovers in your area are working to keep kratom around and see what you can do to join the movement.

Kratom & Growers In Southeast Asia

It’s not only in America that the positive effects of the kratom industry are being seen. Kratom is native to Southeastern Asia, and that is where all kratom must be imported from. This exportation model has major benefits for the countries and farmers exporting kratom.

What are good kratom vendors doing to ensure that the industry continues to thrive when working internationally?

Paying The Right Price

One important thing is that kratom vendors are not trying to undercut farmers far below market value. While it’s good business to aim for a good deal, it is also good business to ensure that your supply chain will not break down due to a lack of funds. The best Kratom vendors are willing to pay the right price for high-quality product.

Supporting Their Operations

By choosing and sticking by hard-working kratom farmers and distributors in Southeast Asia, we are able to ensure that they keep exporting the highest quality kratom possible. We only work with suppliers who prioritize quality assurance and consumer safety. Our support and the contracts we have in place keep their operations running smoothly, and their high-quality exports help our business. It’s a win-win situation.

Kratom Industry Makeover

For many farmers in Southeast Asia, the international demand for kratom helped them to dramatically change and improve their lives. Farmers that had previously lost their jobs or faced a severe reduction in earnings through palm oil and other local industries were able to shift to kratom.

Kratom is also a very profitable industry in countries like Indonesia, and it is less hazardous for the environment as well—these factors working together to give many people a much-needed vocational makeover.

Support Kratom, Support People

As you can see, the kratom industry is run by workers at the local, national, and international levels. Unlike big businesses that take advantage of workers as much as possible, the kratom industry has done a great job of keeping the industry ethical and responsible.

By purchasing from your favorite local shop or kratom vendor, you can ensure that the people who work hard to make those products are receiving due compensation. If you ever have questions about our business or how we work to ensure we work through our supply chain ethically, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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