No Longer A Narcotic: Thailand Removes Kratom From The List

Recently, Thailand has announced its plans to decriminalize cannabis and kratom for medical usage, and kratom will be removed from the narcotics list as well. And we’re thrilled about it!

It’s not often that we can come to post an update with such positive news, but this is definitely a huge win in the long process of showing that kratom can be a safe and beneficial substance.

Wondering what exactly is changing in Thailand and what it has to do with you? Keep reading to find out more as we attempt to answer all of your questions about this exciting change.

What’s Happening?

Unexpected as it might be to some, Thailand is going to be removing kratom from the narcotics list and even legalizing medical kratom.

The National Legislative Assembly in Thailand voted to legalize medical marijuana with a stunning 166 – 0 vote, and the laws surrounding the National Narcotics Control Committee will be changing as well.

The Narcotics Control Committee has been under some degree of scrutiny for several years now, and the people of Thailand have been urging the government to consider updating the group’s work and status quo.

And now, it’s finally happening.

What Laws Are Changing?

You might be familiar with the simple fact that drug possession laws in many parts of Southeast Asia are stricter than any other part of the world. Possession of marijuana in many areas, for example, is punishable by death if it is decided that you had the intent to sell or distribute the substance.

And in countries like Thailand, kratom was long included in the list of forbidden drugs because it was classified as a Schedule V narcotic.

But that is going to change.

The government has put into action a memorandum to remove both marijuana and kratom from the narcotics list, and this means that the pathway to medical usage of these substances is now open. 

In the past, companies were not even able to research the potential positive effects of kratom in this region because of its narcotics classification. As that classification is lifted, there is sure to be a wide variety of studies undertaken to further identify and prove the positive uses of kratom.

Not Just Kratom

As mentioned above, the laws that are changing are not just kratom laws. There are also laws about cannabis and cannabis-based substances changing as well. In fact, the laws about cannabis are being made even more clear than those about kratom, but we’re obviously more excited about the kratom news right now!

The assembly has already voted on a law to change the rules about medical marijuana, and it passed with flying colors.

Medical Usage Only

While this is an exciting change that will bring benefits to many people who are suffering from fatigue, pain, or addiction in Thailand, it’s important to keep in mind that the current changes in law only apply to medical usage.

It hasn’t yet been decided exactly how people will need to go about getting permission to access these substances for medical purposes, but it has been clarified that a number of organizations ranging from doctors’ offices, hospitals, and humanitarian organizations will be given access.

Why Is Thailand Changing Its Stance?

In the National Assembly hearings about the implementation of medical marijuana laws in Thailand, many spokespeople cited the idea that medical marijuana has been extensively studied and is being safely used around the world. 

As such, they believed that allowing medical marijuana to benefit the health and economy of Thailand seems logical, too.

In fact, that is exactly what the Health Minister and Justice Minister in Thailand said about the removal of both cannabis and kratom from the National Narcotics List. They believe that the plants can be of both medical and economic use to the country, so it makes a lot of sense to change the laws surrounding their study and sale.

When Will These Changes Go Into Effect?

The amendment about medical marijuana laws has already been voted on in the National Assembly, so it will go into effect in the next few months. 

Typically, it takes up to four months for changes in Thailand’s laws to go completely into enforced effect. The laws are not considered in action until they are published by the National Gazette, so there is not a specific date that the rules will be changing at this time.

It has not yet been made specifically clear when the memorandums written by the Health Minister and Justice Minister will go into effect, but it can be assumed that both kratom and cannabis will be officially off of the Schedule V list in no time. 

Before the bill can go into effect, it must be voted on in March by the Assembly. During a public hearing, the Health Minister stated that the effective date may be around June 10.

What Does This Mean For Us?

You might be wondering what the rules changing in Thailand has to do with your consumption of kratom.

The FDA is currently trying to ban kratom or, at the very least, dissuade people from using it. In many cases, they cite the fact that other countries where kratom grows naturally (such as Thailand) do not allow it to be used.

Since Thailand is changing its stance on kratom and its usage, the FDA will no longer be able to use that talking point as any sort of persuasive point or evidence.

Additionally, it will be incredibly beneficial for researchers and medical institutions in Thailand to be able to legally do research about the effects of kratom in their home area. Kratom began in traditional roots in Thailand, and many researchers are excited at the prospect of finding out what it can do for people in the modern world.

More research is always a huge benefit in the fight to keep kratom safe and legal. The more that we can learn about this substance, the more that we can guarantee it is safe for our customers to use. And for us, that’s a huge win!

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