Tips for Long-Term Kratom Consumers: How To Make The Most Of Your Tea

Our bodies are fascinating organisms. Over time, the systems in our bodies adapt to our normal routines so that the body can function more efficiently. This means that when we start to wake up early every day, our body is eventually timed to this schedule. When we drink a lot of water, we process it more effectively. 

When you use kratom over a long time period, the same thing can happen. Like anything that you consume regularly, your body begins to rely on it in some ways. Research shows that kratom is about as addictive as caffeine, but your body can still develop a tolerance to its alkaloids if you don’t take precautions.

Today, we’ll talk about some ways to hack your kratom consumption so that your body continues to benefit from this great substance and all that it can do for you.

Switching Up Variety is A Must

People tend to have favorites. In everything that we do, we stick to what we know best. We like to drink the same coffee every day, and we usually have favorite meals that we’ll eat whenever we want something extra comforting support.

Kratom consumers are the same way. Once you find a strain or two that seem to have the best benefits for your particular needs, it’s easy to stick to those strains and keep using them. After all, they work! Why would you change anything about that?

Unfortunately, it is a must to change up the strain of kratom you use from time to time in order to prevent your body from becoming too used to the alkaloid combination and to ensure that your favorite strains will continue to be effective.

Why Do Strains Lose Effectiveness?

You might wonder why something that is non-addictive can become less effective. With caffeine, your body might get used to two cups of coffee a day and eventually start to crave more. This is probably a subtle craving, and it means that your body has formed a tolerance to a certain amount of caffeine and has come to expect that amount each day. You might require more caffeine to feel the same pick-me-up effects.

Your body can develop the same kind of tolerance to kratom over time. When you use the same strain over and over again, your body will be less affected by that variety’s particular makeup. The alkaloid profile in the tea you drink will be similar each time that you use it.

How To Avoid Tolerance

Switching strains as frequently as possible is the best way to avoid any type of tolerance from forming. You can rotate between a few different strains that you like, and then the alkaloids that make it into your body will not be as consistent. This prevents tolerance from forming as easily.

Here at Kraken Kratom, we recommend that you aim to find at least five different strains that you like to take. Rotate between these strains. Try using two different strains each week. By rotating through the strains in this way, you’ll ensure that you don’t get burnt out on any one particular variety.

Controlling Your Schedule Helps

Another way to ensure that you do not build up a tolerance and your body still feels the effects of kratom is to control your schedule. While most people find that the easiest way to feel the effects of kratom is to take it daily, this is not always the best option. Let’s talk about why:

Analyze What You’ve Been Doing

If you’ve been taking kratom for a while, you’ve maybe noticed that your tea doesn’t have the same effects that it once did. This might tempt you to double up on the kratom that you use, but you need to decide if that would help or not.

How long have you been taking kratom? What serving size do you typically take? How often do you take it? Do you use kratom multiple times a day? List out the answers to these questions to get a full look at how you are currently managing your kratom usage.

Then, think about the following:

  • • If you are using kratom multiple times a day, you are going to cause a tolerance to build up more rapidly than it normally would. 
  • • Once you have a tolerance, the best way to get rid of it is to stop taking kratom for at least two weeks to “reset” your system.
  • • Spreading out your servings can help prevent any tolerance after that break.

Setting Up Your Schedule

After you’ve taken a break from kratom or lowered your serving to a minimal amount, you can start setting up your new kratom schedule so that you have a better chance of preventing any tolerance from forming. The longer the break, the more any existing tolerance will disappear.

When you begin taking kratom for your fresh start, do the following:

  1. 1. Start with a very small serving size. We recommend using just ¼ of what you were previously using.
  2. 2. Pay attention to your body and how it responds to that amount. You probably don’t need to take as much kratom as you think to get the positive benefits, so keep that in mind.
  3. 3. Keep yourself limited to one serving a day. Taking one larger serving is better than taking many smaller servings throughout the day, so adjust as needed to make this a reality.
  4. 4. Never overlap servings. Do not take another servings until the previous effects wear off. Otherwise, you’ll find that your system becomes overloaded and will only respond to higher servings sizes.

The fourth point is the most important: do not overlap servings! Large overlapping servings will cause the number of alkaloids in your system to stabilize at a higher number, and your body will begin to expect that amount to be the threshold for effects.

Veterans Can Learn, Too!

Even if you have been taking kratom for years, there’s a chance that you will find yourself suddenly feeling that kratom just don’t do it for you anymore. When this happens, don’t feel like you’re trapped forever.

All you need to remember is that it is time to change up your routine! Simple changes in what you are doing can make a huge difference, so be sure to take the time to do this whenever you find yourself stuck in a cycle of consuming more kratom than is necessary.

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