3 Tips For Every New Kratom User

Discovering Kratom for the first time can be an exciting adventure. Once you read the first stories you come across about the potential benefits that from Kratom, you might be itching to try it yourself.

Once you start your own research, however, you’ll quickly realize that the Kratom community can be overwhelming as well! Because Kratom’s popularity is a relatively new thing, there are only so many limited sources of information out there that you can get from. And you don’t yet know who is telling you the truth!

As a Kratom vendor, we believe that it is part of our responsibility to help spread true information. Even if you don’t decide to purchase anything from us, we’ll be happy that you gained some more insight into the world of Kratom.

Today, we’ll focus on three things that we think every new Kratom user should be aware of!

#1: Start Low Before Increasing

The most common question that Kratom newbies ask on forums and in their local Kratom shops is how much Kratom they should be taking. It’s natural that people want to know how much Kratom to take, but the problem is that the answers they often get are from Kratom pros.

When you’re first taking Kratom, you want to start with the lowest recommended amount for the particular form of Kratom that you are trying. Even if others are telling you that you will need to take more to have an effect, you don’t want to start off higher than you are prepared for.

If you start with a higher amount, there’s an increased chance that you’ll have more negative side effects.

You never know how your body is going to react to plant alkaloids like those in Kratom compared to someone else’s body. Depending on your diet, how you take the Kratom, and what variety you use, you might have a totally different reaction.

For that reason, you should always start with a small serving and then gradually increase the amount that you take as needed. As you gain experience with Kratom, you will be able to discern how much you want to be taking.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • • Start with half of the recommended serving
  • • Take this for a few days before you try anything else
  • • Gradually increase the amount

Don’t feel like you need to rush and take as much Kratom as you can the first time around. Doing this will only sour your overall experience with Kratom; gradually increasing your serving size as you gain experience is a much better option.

#2: Less Is Usually More

Another interesting thing to note about the way that Kratom interacts with your body is that the response between your body and Kratom is a bell curve.

What does this mean?

This means that taking less usually has a stronger response. If you take a very large amount of Kratom, the effect is weaker. In very small amounts, the effect isn’t apparent either. Instead, a mid-range serving is going to be most effective.

When you take a lot of Kratom in an attempt to amplify the effects that your body feels, you might actually just cause yourself to have negative side effects rather than benefits.

#3: Change It Up!

Once you’ve tried Kratom a few times, you might be happy with the results. You also might not be happy with them, but the thing that you need to remember is that there are a lot of different ways to enjoy Kratom. And there are many different types of Kratom out there that you can try. The only limitation to what you can experience is your creativity.

Don’t be bland; try changing it up!

Different Strains

The first thing that you’ll probably experiment with is strains of Kratom. There are many different strains.

From red vein to white vein, and blends of them both, each type of Kratom has different characteristics. After you try your first type of Kratom, order some samples of other types of Kratom and see how they can differ.

There are several differences among varieties, including duration, taste, and color.

For some consumers, they won’t have a strong preference for different types of Kratom and instead will be happy to use them all. Others will keep to one or two different varieties all the time. In the end, the choice is yours.

Different Preparation Methods

In addition to there being different types of Kratom that you can try, you can also try different forms of Kratom and preparation methods.

Kratom is available in many different forms:

Each of these methods has its own specific pros and cons. While taking things like tablets, capsules, and gum are most convenient, teas and powder preparations give you the most flexibility in how you can adjust the flavor and serving size to suit your own personal needs.

Most people start with capsules or with loose leaf tea because they are the most popular preparation methods. While you can buy pre-made capsules, you can also purchase capsules and powder in bulk so that you can make them yourself. When you make the capsules yourself, you’ll be able to save money and make the exact serving size that you want them to be.

Kratom: A Great World to Explore!

We hope that today’s article has excited you about all of the possibilities that Kratom provides! Don’t let all of these options be overwhelming. Think of all that you can try when you explore everything that there is out there in the world of Kratom.

If you ever have questions about Kratom or our Kratom-based products, don’t be afraid to ask! We’re always here to help educate and inform our customers as best we can.

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