How to Choose Your Kratom Vendor

When you are using something like Kratom regularly, it is important that you are confident in your choice of product and the vendor that you buy it from. Just like you choose to go to supermarkets that have high-quality products, you also want to shop from Kratom vendors with quality Kratom goods.

If you asked us where to shop, we’d tell you that we’re a great option!

But we also understand that we might not always have what it is that you are looking for, or that you might want to try out different shops from time to time. So we still want you to be able to have a complete understanding of how to choose a quality Kratom vendor.

Step #1: Find Shops That Carry Your Favorite Products

The first step that we recommend when you’re trying to choose a shop is to check which shops carry the specific types of Kratom that you are interested in buying. If you aren’t sure just yet, you can skip this step!

The point is that there is no reason researching the reliability of every single Kratom shop out there. Instead, you should only look into those that actually carry the powders and extracts that you want to try at this time. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your time!

Do a quick Google search to find out what sites currently stock what you’re looking for. Keep these tabs open as you move on to Step #2 to check into the validity and trustworthiness of each site.

Step #2: Check Their Certifications & Testing Policies

Your health is your most important concern, and it should be a priority for your Kratom vendor too. That’s why you should only purchase Kratom products that you know have been lab tested for identity and for any possible contamination. It’s important that you check into whether or not a vendor tests their product before they sell it to ensure that you are not buying anything other than pure Kratom.

Now, we’d like to say that most Kratom vendors are honest, but there are always going to be people out there that are willing to create danger for others in order to make more money. We don’t do that, but you should know how to check and make sure that other vendors don’t, either.

A great vendor will do one or all of these things:

Vendors that care about the quality of their product won’t hesitate to test their products or follow recommended procedures to ensure that their customers are not at any risk when they use their products. You should also note that a very low price tag on Kratom products may indicate that the vendor does not perform lab testing.

If you can’t find clear information about these things on a vendors website, that’s not a great sign. But it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. Send them an email and ask about their lab testing policies and whether or not they are aware of current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Step #3: Check Their Site’s Content

Once you’ve determined whether or not the vendor is transparent about their testing policies, it’s time to look at their website’s content. The best vendors will go above-and-beyond to ensure that their customers are not only supplied with great Kratom, but also in-the-know about the most updated Kratom educational content?

Does the vendor regularly publish a blog? Are the articles that they post on that blog full of truthful and useful information? Do they make honest claims, or do they exaggerate what they have to offer?

Does the vendor include helpful and educational information in their product listings? Is the information clear and consistent between products?

Are they ready and available to answer your questions about their products when you need them? What type of contact information do they have available to you?

You can learn a lot about a brand and how much they care about their customers by looking at these aspects of their website. A vendor that posts useful information to help you learn while also selling products to you is much more likely to be trustworthy than one that does not.

Step #4: Check The Reviews

Some people would check reviews earlier in the process, but we tend to focus on research first. But of course, the Kratom community has a lot of knowledge and anecdotal evidence about each and every Kratom website that is currently selling items.

When you’re looking at reviews, don’t just look at the negative reviews. Check out the positive reviews as well! By reading both sides of the story, you’ll get a better overall picture of the site and what they have to offer. When details line up between multiple reviews, you’ll be better equipped to know what type of company the vendor is running.

Reviews are what we recommend you use to make the final decision of which vendor to try. You’ve already narrowed down your list of potential vendors, so it should be easier to make this final decision.

And remember – you don’t have to order from just one vendor! Try out more than one vendor; alternate where you get your product from until you get a better sense of what you like and what you don’t. You aren’t obligated to stick to one vendor forever. Find the right Kratom vendor for your needs before you settle down!

Kratom Vendors: Not All Alike

We hope that the information we’ve given you today about how to vet your Kratom vendors helps you to find a vendor you love. Of course, we’d like you to choose our site for your products.

But we would prefer it if you make that decision through your own research! We do our best to do honest business, and we hope that you can clearly see that in how we work. As long as you manage to find a vendor that gives you quality products, we’ll be happy that we were able to help you!

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