The Importance of Proper Product Labels

Product labels grab the consumer’s attention, provide important details, and give the brand a personality. In fact, there’s a science behind marketing tactics and holding consumers’ attention. We also need labels to provide vital information about the contents of our purchases. Here’s a countdown of the five biggest reasons labeling is so important.

5 – Expression

We’ve all seen boring packaging: colorless, bland fonts, no unique shapes or textures. It’s not often you’ll find a successful brand that uses such lifeless imagery, and that’s why marketing has become such an essential part of business.

The packaging embodies the personality of the brand. Think of Apple – sleek and minimalistic, it’s designed to bring an air of sophistication to the user. Their ads however contrast the product, usually with high resolution photos or brightly colored backgrounds. This is an example of successful marketing.

So when we look at labels, we should get a feel for whom the brand is representing and how we relate to it.

4 – Instructions

Even if you’re buying the same item from two different companies, it’s more than likely they’ll have different instructions. This can be because of contents, servings sizes, additives, preservatives, and more factors too. Instructions are important for people to use their product in accordance with their specific needs, prevent accidents and possibly negative effects.

Some prevalent instructions you may recognize are “take one in the morning and one at night” or “only take after eating.”

3 – Product Specs

The bulk of the labeling should be presented in this category. Ingredients, serving sizes, numbers and percentages of active and inactive ingredients, etc.

This information is absolutely necessary for anyone who has dietary restrictions or conditions like allergies, cholesterol maintenance issues, etc.

2 – Legal Requirements

There’s a chance you’ll find some info on a product label you really don’t like. Maybe the wording is weird, or it expresses assertive and aggressive warnings. Well, most of the time you see that is because it’s legally required to be there.

Warning: this product is not to be used while operating motor vehicles…does this sound familiar? It’s a common suggestion that so many labels will have.

1 – Health and Safety

Along the lines of legal requirements, there should always be information on how to use the product in the most healthful way possible. Your wellbeing is the most important part of enjoying life, and if there isn’t enough information on a product label, it can jeopardize that.

Whether you’re pregnant, nursing or have a heart disease, your body becomes more sensitive and requires additional information to keep yourself healthy. When you see these warnings or suggestions on labels, they’re there for a reason and, if you know you’re at higher risk for negative effects, always consult your doctor first.


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