A Closer Look At Liquid Kratom & Other Extracts From Kraken

You already know about Kratom and the many products that people love. Its natural benefits have been a big hit with people around the world, and its popularity doesn’t seem like it will be cooling off anytime soon.

With this popularity comes the expansion of Kratom products and the broader availability of products you may not have previously come across. For example, many people are just now discovering liquid Kratom shots. What are these tiny bottles of liquid, and why do so many people love them?

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at this particular subtype of Kratom extract. Find out what liquid shots are, how they are used, and what’s inside that little bottle. Knowing more about these drinks will help you determine if it’s something you’d be interested in trying.

Kratom Extract: The Root of Liquid Shots

There are many different types of Kratom extracts on the market. From the most straightforward options of leaves and powder to flavored gummies and pre-filled capsules, there are various ways to enjoy this natural product.

Many products are considered to be extracts, and Kratom liquid shots are ultimately a specific type of extract.

Kratom extracts are made from leaves or powder which are then further concentrated into a version of the product high in alkaloid content. Often, Kratom extracts are liquids as the alkaloids can be easily suspended in liquid as extracted, but they are also available in powder form.

Liquid extracts have varied compositions and use cases. Today, we’ll talk about Kratom shots, a form of liquid extract.

Liquid Kratom Shots Explained

Liquid Kratom shots have been popping up at smoke shops and convenience stores everywhere Kratom is legal. What are these shots, and how are they changing how people use Kratom?

What are Liquid Kratom Shots?

Kratom shots are a type of liquid that contains Kratom and is meant to be consumed in one or two small servings. These liquid shots can be compared to energy shots, which many people are familiar with. These shots all come in small bottles, and the exact serving size and contents will vary by product.

Commercial liquid Kratom shots contain some natural plant material, but it isn’t always clear if all of the alkaloids present in these drinks are natural or synthetic. Unless the manufacturer clearly labels their products, there is no way for you to be sure where the mitragynine in these drinks comes from.

Why Do People Enjoy Liquid Shots?

People that enjoy Kratom may be attracted to liquid shots because they are very convenient. Like energy drinks of the same size, these are very easy to purchase and take if you decide you need a pick-me-up during the day.

Most Kratom users don’t use these as their primary Kratom products, but they find them to be a convenient supplementary option.

What Else is in Liquid Shots?

Kratom liquid shots don’t only contain Kratom; they also contain other ingredients. Some liquid shots are like energy drinks with Kratom added; others have added different ingredients including caffeine, l-theanine, and other herbs. There is no set composition from one liquid shot to another. To find out what is in a particular shot, look closely at the ingredients list or contact the manufacturer.

Are Liquid Kratom Shots Dangerous?

As with all products, the safety of liquid Kratom shots is mainly dependent on the manufacturer behind the drink. If the producer uses pure Kratom that has been tested, and also tests the final product, the liquid shot is likely to be okay for consumption.

However, you should always be cautious when trying a new product. The potency may differ from what you expect or affect you differently than other Kratom products. Start with half your usual serving size and increase once you’re sure how you will react.

Other Quick Kratom Extract Options

If your primary reason for looking into liquid Kratom shots is convenience, you might be happy to learn that these shots are far from your only option. We offer plenty of liquid Kratom extract options, including UEI, Reserve, FSE, and Platinum.

There are other quick options to take in Kratom extracts, and we’re happy to have a few options available for you to try right now.

Honey Sticks

Our Kratom honey sticks each contain 25mg of mitragynine blended into delicious honey. You can quickly eat one of these honey sticks on the go, or you can mix it into your favorite drink for a touch of Kratom and sweetness. This is an excellent option for those looking to balance the taste of Kratom while also having a to-go option.


Our Kratom gummies are a raspberry-flavored gummy option. Each gummy contains 15mg of our proprietary Kratom blend, and the sweet tartness of raspberries balances the bitter taste of Kratom. These are great options you can keep with you and take without any preparation.

Extract Capsules

If you want something that is more straightforward in the Kratom department, you might enjoy one of our Kratom soft gel capsule options. Each soft gel contains around 33 mg of mitragynine content which is suspended in a gelatin-based gel. These capsules are very each to take, and they are very portable.

Choose Your Products (and Vendors) Wisely

If you decide to shop Kratom extracts or liquid shots, make sure that you choose from brands that are transparent about their safety practices.

Not all vendors are honest with their customers; some will even sell adulterated products if it saves their profits. That creates a dangerous environment for consumers and is why agencies like the American Kratom Association are working to pass Kratom protection laws at the state level.

Until these regulations become more widespread with the passage of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, however, it’s going to be necessary to vet your vendors before making a purchase. The best vendors will have testing records and follow compliance standards from places like the American Kratom Association.

If you’re looking to give liquid Kratom a try today, check out the wide variety of options available from Kraken:

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