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valentine's kratom

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Favorite Kratom Lover

If your special someone happens to be someone who loves Kratom or is interested in trying this botanical, we’ve got the perfect ides for you for Valentine’s Day.

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advocate for kratom

Advocating for Kratom: How To Get Involved In Your Community

If you are a Kratom lover who wants to help this botanical continue to help others, these are some of the best ways that you can get involved.

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kratom bath products

The Scoop on Kratom Bath Products (Plus How To Make Your Own!)

Kratom fans, did you know that Kratom soap, bath bombs, creams, and more have entered the market in recent years?

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Indonesia Bali Kratom

Indonesia: Thousands of Islands, Many Cultures

The kratom-producing nation, Indonesia, is made up of thousands of islands and many cultures. There’s more to this vibrant country than kratom – take a look!

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kratom tea lemon

How to Make Kratom Tea Taste Great

Do you know how to make kratom tea? More importantly, do you know how to make it taste delicious? Here are Kraken’s best tips so you can make your best cup!

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alkaloids kratom leaves circle

What Affects Alkaloid Content in Kratom and Other Plants?

Many factors affect the alkaloid content of kratom and other plants, including growing conditions such as soil, sunlight, and environment.

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product label

The Importance of Proper Product Labels

The kratom industry is working to demonstrate compliance and self-regulation. You can help by urging your vendors to use proper product labels. These are the top 5 reasons why!

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GMP compliance kraken kratom

Why Kraken Takes GMP Compliance Seriously

Kraken follows GMP compliance standards for two important reasons: we want to be sure we give our customers the best quality kratom we can, and we want to be sure our customers stay safe.

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coffee and kratom

Kratom & Coffee: Plant Relatives

Sometimes, two plants that seem very different can actually have a lot in common. Coffee and kratom have a lot of similarities, even though they wouldn’t seem that way at first.

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The AKA and KTA Contributing to GMP Compliance

GMP compliance is important to guarantee that our products are free of contaminants. The experts now have additions to the system, specifically for kratom.

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bali kratom details

Kratom Details Every Consumer Should Know

From who gave kratom its Latin name to how weather affects its growth, this easy-to-follow introduction will help jump start your journey into becoming a kratom expert.

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Why Kratom Companies Need Testing from Accredited Labs

Everything we put in our bodies should go through testing to ensure its safety. Kratom is no different, and here’s what you need to know about the process.

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