How Kraken Kratom Supports Advocacy Efforts

Here at Kraken Kratom, we are firm believers in the power of kratom. We have seen from our customers just how big of a difference kratom can have in their lives, and we support their desire to be able to legally use this botanical.

Unfortunately, the legal status of kratom is constantly being questioned in the US. While there are many reasons for those questions, do not believe the answer is to ban kratom. 

Instead, we focus on supporting some specific and powerful advocacy efforts that will help to keep kratom off of the schedule list and available for you to buy. Let’s talk some more about the advocacy efforts we are involved in, and how you as a consumer can support them, too!

Why Kratom Advocacy Matters To Us

Before we get into the details of exactly how we are attempting to be an active part of the kratom advocacy community, we want to start by sharing why we think this type of advocacy is so important in today’s world.

To put it simply, we believe that kratom consumers are at risk.

They’re at risk of losing the ability to use kratom legally.

They’re potentially at risk of ingesting a dangerous product because of the lack of kratom regulation.

They’re at risk of falling for high prices for sub-par kratom because there is no one to ensure companies are being honest with their consumers in this industry.

And to us, that’s not okay! We want our customers and everyone in the kratom community to be able to use kratom safely and of their own accord. Without changes in the industry, there is a greater chance that kratom could be banned altogether. We are definitely not okay with that!

Instead, we think it’s our responsibility to get involved in protecting kratom consumers and the kratom industry as a whole by becoming an integral part of the advocacy happening on kratom’s behalf across America. As leaders in this industry, we take our job seriously and will continue to fight for your right to use safely freely and safely.

Supporting The AKA

When it comes to kratom advocacy, the top organization working on this issue in United States is the American Kratom Association, also known as AKA. Their organization regularly posts updates about the work that they are doing on behalf of kratom users everywhere, and it’s quite impressive!

That is why we are always recommending that vendors like us and customers like you take a closer look at how they can support the progress that AKA is making every single day. As a nonprofit organization, they can always use our monetary support when possible. 

The main thing that AKA focuses on these days is legislation. The group is working on getting Kratom Consumer Protection laws passed in various states to help ensure that you will be able to continue to buy quality kratom. These laws also help encourage vendors to do a better job of selling only high-quality products to their customers. At Kraken, we’re in close touch with the AKA so they know they can call on us when they need us, and we are always active in legislative efforts here in our home state of Oregon.

The Forums

One of the things that we love to recommend to our customers and those interested in kratom is to visit the forums over at AKA.

On the forums, you can stay up-to-date with the latest kratom news while also building human connections with other members. You may even be able to connect with people who are working to build up the kratom community in your area, and that will help you to create a physical bond with those members.

Advocacy is often best done at the grassroots level, and getting involved like this is a great way to make those connections.

Joining The GMP Program

Another initiative of AKA’s that we find incredibly important is the Good Manufacturing Practices standards program. This program, set up by AKA, is basically a set of guidelines for Kratom vendors to follow. These guidelines ensure that only high-quality, tested Kratom is being released into the market.

We care about quality, so we’ve been GMP compliant for over a year now. And we registered for the AKA’s GMP Qualified program as soon as we could!

Under this program, we are required to maintain specific protocols around processing and shipping our products, ensure that all products are lab tested before being offered for sale, and adhere to strict marketing guidelines. Consumers can then rely on our GMP seal (and the same on other Kratom vendor sites) to know that we care about only selling them pure, safe products.

Why Does Testing Matter For Advocacy?

Making sure that only tested kratom gets to the consumers is one of the most essential forms of advocacy.

When low-quality kratom makes it to the market, it can actually cause dangerous situations for the consumer. These dangerous situations then cause negative public perceptions to form about kratom even if the issue wasn’t actually kratom itself but poor processing, storage, or any number of other problems in the seed-to-sale journey.

Educating Consumers & The Public

Finally, we think another important aspect of improving the way that people view kratom and those who use it is to continue to educate them on the topic.

That is why we put so much time into creating blog articles like this one! We want our articles to go into different facets of the industry so that curious minds and kratom lovers can both get a better understanding of this substance, where it is from, and what it really does.

Education is one of the most important ways to help people get the right idea about kratom, and that is why we made sure to include education as part of our advocacy plans.

Kraken Kratom: We Care!

It may be cheesy, but it’s true. We really do care! 

We want to be part of the positive forces in the kratom industry that are helping to normalize kratom as a safe and legitimate way to change your life. It can be hard at times to know the best way to do that, and it’s possible that we will make mistakes along the way.

Regardless, we hope you understand how important it is to us to help consumers like you to be able to continue to safely use Kratom for many years to come!

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